Hi, as you already guess it, this is an official blog of Mslpatcher. I use the nickname, to present my project related to Malaysia Super League, by which later, get bigger and better. So now, you can have a full patch of both Malaysia Super League and Premier League. Starting November 2009, I offer you a S-League and Rest of ASEAN and AFF Suzuki Cup 11 Nation.

However, you might know me as SKEPTIK, a name I use in forums of I have been there for quite a while before starting the project.

Due to some reason, I decided to re-introduce myself to Malaysia footie-game fans as MSLPatcher and register in

As far as I’ve been told, as of December 2009, I’m the only person who created a full 28 team of our Malaysia Leagues ever, plus Malaysia NT with other country member of AFF.

Surely enough sound much better than a sceptical SKEPTIK. In terms of name, MSLPatcher do help  establishing myself as Malaysia Leagues patch maker.

So there you are, a few note about me. If you want to find my 3d model patch work by the name ‘SKEPTIK’, don’t be fool, it simply your friend here, mslpatcher a.k.a. skeptik.

Yeah, I know I should use just one. But then again, life is too complicated.


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