Malaysia League for FIFA 12 PC Season 2012 BETA 2.0 downloadable now

20 Mar

msl4fifa12 custom cover mockup
(beta 2.0) as at 15th. March, 2012

This is the second full public release for MSL4FIFA12 season 2012. It’s now considered a beta 2.0 release, due to major changes and fix of bugs reported in previous release.

THIS PATCH IS NOT COMPATIBLE with ONLINE GAMING. Should you frequently play FIFA 12 online, you’re advise to backup a whole FIFA 12 folder. Clean or pure FIFA 12 (without this patch) can still be use to play online, and second folder for FIFA 12+Patch.


For the new comer of this M-League patch created by myself, let me brief you more about the patch:

  1. It has 4 leagues. It comprises of 4 tiers of League or division – Super League-1st tier, Premier League-2nd tier, FAM League-3rd tier, National League -4th tier.
  2. It has 56 teams – 14 teams in Super League, 12 teams in Premier League, 12 teams in FAM League and 11 teams in National League. It also has Harimau Muda A and Pelita Jaya FC in Rest of World, while Malaysia and Singapore National Team added in INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE. To ensure all released players from previous season still playable, I took liberty to placed them all in three extra teams. You know when you see them.
  3. 1 Charity Cup in the early season – battle between Super League champions against Malaysia Cup champions of previous year. It’s similar to Community Shield.
  4. 2 real cups tournament, a F.A. Cup and a Malaysia Cup.
  5. I also took liberty to introduce 3 fantasy tournaments, the Sabah International Invitational Cup aka MSLPatcher Cup, Goodwill Cup (Piala Muhibbah) and Borneo Challenge Cup. All tournament unique flavour put to it.
  6. Introducing amatuer, fantasy and defunct team (withdrew from Malaysia League in previous years) in National League for pure enjoyment. Among others are KL Plus FC, Proton FC, KM Naza FC, UPB-My Team FC, while the fantasy local teams including Papar Legends FC, Kota Kinabalu United, Sarawak Hunters United and Tawau United FC. All of them a playable in career mode in National League.
  7. Artworks in terms of kits and others were done by Angelvsevil and MSLPatcher. Latest kits artwork are for season 2012.

Fact of FILE:

Name of file :

Console/PC : PC version only. Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit or 64bit. Simply put, if you can run and play FIFA 12 PC in your PC, then this gamepatch is for you.

First public release date : 16th December 2011 – season 2011 edition
2nd public release date : 17th December 2011 (fixing installation routine bugs)
3rd public release date : 21st February, 2012 – season 2012 edition
4th public release date : 15th March, 2012 – season 2012 edition

Main patch creator : mslpatcher
Main kits designer : angelvsevil (talented collaborator)

Type of file patch : EXE installer, repack in splitted ZIP file for distribution.

Special requirement : FIFA 12 properly installed.

CM 12 required : NO.

Size : 62 MB or more splitted to 4 files

Server :

Link to download #1 (main link):

GO TO THIS POST (remember to read carefully for password)

By Malaysian for Malaysian and the world.




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