AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 patch progress Report

02 Dec

It’s actually almost finish. Just waiting for other teams’ kits. So far I’ve Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand kits for this patch.

I’m Malaysian, and I enjoy football/soccer with natural mindset. Patriotism can be shown in a lot of ways.

I’m just a bit disappointed with the nature or habit of Indonesian fans last night (I watch Live in Starsports). I don’t think it is an appropriate manner in international or ASEAN football scene. However, the naturalised players like Gonzalez and Irfan, do help Indonesia NT, which is a good move. I read somewhere that Vietnam are doing the same.

If only can FAM take similar step to test our natural players like Brendan Gan (Australia’s Sydney FC), and Tadashi Takeda (Fagiano Okayama FC) who was born in Pulau Pinang. But then, the strict rules of FIFA may hampered it. Not to mention the willingness of the players to join which I frankly doubt in their still young age.

Well just a thought. Enjoy the real tournament. I love to see Vietnam to go to final again. Malaysia? I still have a big hope for the team, but our youngsters still need a lot to learn. Our new Malaysia football NT is really still in the making, like Rajagobal said.


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