Malaysia League for FIFA 12 PC Season 2012 BETA 2.0 downloadable now

msl4fifa12 custom cover mockup
(beta 2.0) as at 15th. March, 2012

This is the second full public release for MSL4FIFA12 season 2012. It’s now considered a beta 2.0 release, due to major changes and fix of bugs reported in previous release.

THIS PATCH IS NOT COMPATIBLE with ONLINE GAMING. Should you frequently play FIFA 12 online, you’re advise to backup a whole FIFA 12 folder. Clean or pure FIFA 12 (without this patch) can still be use to play online, and second folder for FIFA 12+Patch.


For the new comer of this M-League patch created by myself, let me brief you more about the patch:

  1. It has 4 leagues. It comprises of 4 tiers of League or division – Super League-1st tier, Premier League-2nd tier, FAM League-3rd tier, National League -4th tier.
  2. It has 56 teams – 14 teams in Super League, 12 teams in Premier League, 12 teams in FAM League and 11 teams in National League. It also has Harimau Muda A and Pelita Jaya FC in Rest of World, while Malaysia and Singapore National Team added in INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE. To ensure all released players from previous season still playable, I took liberty to placed them all in three extra teams. You know when you see them.
  3. 1 Charity Cup in the early season – battle between Super League champions against Malaysia Cup champions of previous year. It’s similar to Community Shield.
  4. 2 real cups tournament, a F.A. Cup and a Malaysia Cup.
  5. I also took liberty to introduce 3 fantasy tournaments, the Sabah International Invitational Cup aka MSLPatcher Cup, Goodwill Cup (Piala Muhibbah) and Borneo Challenge Cup. All tournament unique flavour put to it.
  6. Introducing amatuer, fantasy and defunct team (withdrew from Malaysia League in previous years) in National League for pure enjoyment. Among others are KL Plus FC, Proton FC, KM Naza FC, UPB-My Team FC, while the fantasy local teams including Papar Legends FC, Kota Kinabalu United, Sarawak Hunters United and Tawau United FC. All of them a playable in career mode in National League.
  7. Artworks in terms of kits and others were done by Angelvsevil and MSLPatcher. Latest kits artwork are for season 2012.

Fact of FILE:

Name of file :

Console/PC : PC version only. Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit or 64bit. Simply put, if you can run and play FIFA 12 PC in your PC, then this gamepatch is for you.

First public release date : 16th December 2011 – season 2011 edition
2nd public release date : 17th December 2011 (fixing installation routine bugs)
3rd public release date : 21st February, 2012 – season 2012 edition
4th public release date : 15th March, 2012 – season 2012 edition

Main patch creator : mslpatcher
Main kits designer : angelvsevil (talented collaborator)

Type of file patch : EXE installer, repack in splitted ZIP file for distribution.

Special requirement : FIFA 12 properly installed.

CM 12 required : NO.

Size : 62 MB or more splitted to 4 files

Server :

Link to download #1 (main link):

GO TO THIS POST (remember to read carefully for password)

By Malaysian for Malaysian and the world.





I’m looking for more collaborator/helper/staff for the next project of MSL4FIFA12 season 2012.

Kit graphic maker/designer – Expertise of angelvsevil, but others are all welcome. You can take the opportunity to design a new fantasy kits for use in Liga FAM and Liga Nasional since all the team using any brands. For examples I have introduce my fantasy brand ‘mspatcher’ and kits design in a few teams in that league.

Overlay designer – player list, scoreboard etc. If it’s good, it’ll show off the game

ADBOARD design – STRICTLY for myself, mslpatcher.

Minifaces/HEADS – EACH MAJOR TEAM, or all Liga Super and Liga Perdana team. I can teach you how to do this

CM News pictures – For other team other than SELANGOR, TERENGGANU, KELANTAN AND SABAH. I can teach you how to do this. I want to have all 28 teams have their own story pictures in tournament mode and career mode.

Look for my patch and check FIFA 12\Game\data\ui\artAssets\cmnews.

The filename have simple format, nw_100001_0_1.big being that, nw_[teamid]_X_Y.Big

X – value 0,1,2 : standard, positif attitude, negatif attitude/including sadness

Y – value from 1 up to I don’t know. The highest in database are 18. Y means number of pictures to use.

So imagine, Perak, or Perlis, Negeri Sembilan, Johor FC or other teams having their own story pictures. Wouldn’t it be nice.

CHANTS MP3 pack. Make it and I’ll use it.

Others that I will announce later.


Leave you contact name below if you know you can helps me/us.



[QUOTE=pao4ever;3187822]I followed your instructions but didn’t manage to import any new CM News pictures mate. Any ideas-suggestions about it?[/QUOTE]

The instruction have two sides:
1. Filename convention. follow as I write and put it into [B]EA Sports\FIFA 12\Game\data\ui\artAssets\cmnews[/B] folder

2. Edit CMNews Table in the database. THe table concern are CAREER_NEWSPICWEIGHTS which I believe explanatory.

The table consist of this columns:
|    11     ||    13    ||    4    ||    15    ||    75    ||    1    ||    10     |

Examples here are for Arsenals

maxvariationspos = positive attitude pics. Number means 11 variances (or different pictures). Imagine of players celebrates goals and winning.
maxvariationsstd = standard pictures – like fans, dribbling etc. Number means 13 available pictures.
maxvariationsneg = negative attitudes pics. Again number means how many pics available. 4 means none. You can put 0 if no negative pictures available for the team. Imagine a situation when the team lost or miss the goal, like heads down. etc.
crestweight = Percentage that the image shown are the team crest. In Arsenals case, 15%
teamweight = Percentage an images of variations of pics (positive, standard and negative) shown in the calendar/progress windows. In this case 75%.
teamid = self-explanatory
genericweight = Percentage a standard image of FIFA12 shown. In this case 10%.

Overall, it have to be 100%: 15% + 75% + 10% = 100%.

NOTES: Regardless of the setting above. You team may have to ‘fight’ for valuable display with other major team in WORLD NEWS. So it is likely that you may see most variances of your additional team news pic in CLUB NEWS instead.



I open this open to gather all information about the transfer or release of players in Malaysia League for 2012 season. If you like to participate informing me about the tranfers pls don’t hesitate to write a message or comment on this post.

I start off with this info:

Bekas pengendali Terengganu, Irfan Bakti sah menjadi jurulatih Selangor musim depan, demikian pengumuman pengurus skuad bola sepak Selangor, Datuk Hamidin Mohd. Amin.

Menurutnya, Irfan telah memeterai kontrak sebagai pengendali baru Selangor bagi musim 2012 dengan Persatuan Bola Sepak Selangor (FAS), baru-baru ini.

“Irfan akan memulakan tugasnya untuk membentuk skuad Selangor dengan mengendalikan latihan pertama Isnin ini (esok),” kata Hamidin pada sidang akhbar di sini, semalam.

Pada sidang media tersebut beliau turut mengumumkan senarai pemain yang dikekalkan untuk musim depan.

Antara pemain yang terus dikepercayaan untuk menyarung jersi merah kuning termasuk Safiq Rahim, P. Gunalan, Amri Yahya, Amirul Hadi Zainal, Azidan Sarudin, Asraaruddin Putra Omar, Mohd. Fitri Shazwan Raduwan, Mohd. Fazlidin Khalid, Mohd. Nasriq Baharom, Bunyamin Omar, Mohd. Razman Roslan dan Mohd. Fairul Azwan.

Pemain yang tidak dilanjutkan kontrak adalah Mohd. Fadzli Saari, Rudie Ramli, Khairul Anuar Baharom, Mohd. Iqbal Suhaimi, Yosri Derma Raju, Mohd. Hardi Jaafar, Saiful Amar Sudar, D. Surendran, S. Srithaaran, S. Depan dan Muhd. Nazri Elias,

Tiga pemain tempatan yang menyertai Selangor musim 2012 ialah penjaga yang dipinjamkan dari USM FC, G. Jeevanathan, Solehin Kanasian Abdullah atau K. Soley dan pemain Felda United, Mohd. Hasmarul Fadzir Hassan.

“Kita juga hampir pasti untuk mengikat pemain import iaitu ketua pasukan kebangsaan Lebanon, Ramez Bayoub untuk mengisi posisi pertahanan,” katanya.



Malaysia League for FIFA 12 PC available now

The first beta release, MSL4FIFA12PC beta 1 will be available very soon.

Where is the LINK? The link to download will be available here once it ready for public.

For more up to date info regarding the project, go to the websites here.


16 DEC, 2011 – DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR MSL4FIFA12 SEASON 2011 is available now in HERE. This patch are made by myself and the download link should always link to my proper sites page.Download only from my own sites. Thank you.


FIFA 12 Demos’ first team-patch released in MSL4FIFA12


I’d like to announce the availability of team patch for FIFA 12 Demo, which I believe the first so far.

But of course I’ll introduce the champions of Malaysia Super League season 2011, Kelantan FA.

It is playable, but installation via direct Uncompression to FIFA 12 Demo folder.

Here are a few screen shot of the Malaysian team.


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Kelayakan Olimpik 2012 – Pasukan Olimpik Malaysia layak ke peringkat kumpulan

Malaysia tempah babak seterusnya

Wan Zack Haikal (kanan) cuba melepasi pemain pertahanan Lebanon, Chadi Atie pada pertemuan kedua Kelayakan Olimpik 2012 di Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil, malam tadi. Malaysia menang 2-1. – utusan/shahril Azman Zaini


KUALA LUMPUR – Mohd. Irfan Fazail dan Wan Zack Haikal Wan Nor memastikan Malaysia mara ke saingan peringkat kumpulan bola sepak Kelayakan Olimpik 2012 selepas jaringan mereka menumpaskan Lebanon 2-1 pada perlawanan kedua pusingan kedua di Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil, semalam.

Kedua-dua gol yang hadir seawal minit ketujuh dan 40 itu turut membawa skuad bawah 22 tahun negara bimbingan Ong Kim Swee menang 2-1 secara agregat setelah terikat tanpa jaringan di Stadium Sports City, Beirut, Ahad lalu.

Pasukan pelawat yang dibimbing Samir Saad bagaimanapun cuba menyaingi ketika tuan rumah pincang beraksi dengan 10 pemain, malah berjaya merapatkan kedudukan menerusi Chadi Atie pada minit ke-64 setelah tuan rumah kehilangan pemain tengahnya, Gary Steven Robbat pada babak kedua kerana menerima kad kuning kedua.

Lebanon juga lebih awal menguji penjaga gol tuan rumah, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat menerusi tandukan Mahmoud Kojok pada minit keempat dan Mohamad Haidar (keenam) yang bagaimanapun hanya terus kepada dakapan pemain Kelantan itu.

Hanya seminit kemudian, tuan rumah menunjukkan sentuhan siapa sebenarnya yang lebih tepat dalam gerakan penyudahan apabila membuka tirai gol hasil rembatan kaki kanan Mohd. Irfan Fazail.

Ia berpunca daripada sepakan sudut dari sebelah kiri oleh Mohamad Muslim Ahmad dan selepas satu percubaan jarak dekat pertama sempat diadang pemain lawan lantas stadium bergema dengan sorakan gol diraikan lebih 10,000 penyokong.

Permainan tiba-tiba diberhentikan pada minit ke-27 kerana pengadil Jepun, Toma Maasaki mengadu terdapat pancaran cahaya laser daripada penonton.

Menyambung aksi seminit kemudian, Mohamad Fandi Othman bagaimanapun mensia-siakan pula sepakan bebas tidak jauh dari petak penalti untuk menambah gol.

Minit ke-30 menyaksikan Wan Zack Haikal Wan Nor pula melepaskan peluang keemasan dengan rembatan yang tersasar daripada umpanan leret cantik Gurusamy Govandar Kandasamy yang mengatasi dua pemain pertahanan lawan.

Pada minit ke-38, satu lagi kesempatan gol buat Lebanon terbentang menerusi Haidar yang melepaskan rembatan kaki kirinya dan menewaskan Khairul Fahmi, namun hanya palang menjadi penghalang yang menghampakan pelawat.

Stadium Nasional gamat sekali lagi dengan sorakan ceria penonton apabila Wan Zack Haikal yang mendapat satu lorongan bola cantik Gary Steven Robbat menolak masuk gol kedua Malaysia sekali gus menghampakan lagi penjaga gol lawan, Mohamad Dakramanji yang cuba meluru keluar.

Meraikan gol kedua yang menjarakkan kedudukan sehingga separuh masa pertama tamat, ribuan penyokong negara berpadu tenaga untuk menyanyikan lagu patriotik, Barisan Kita.

Malang menimpa Malaysia yang terpaksa bermain dengan 10 orang sebaik sahaja permainan babak kedua mencecah lima minit apabila Gary Steven dikenakan kad kuning kedua oleh Maasaki kerana mengasari Mohamad Haidar.

Malang berganda tiba pada minit ke-64 yang menyaksikan Lebanon merapatkan kedudukan 1-2 menerusi tandukan Chadi Atie yang menewaskan Khairul Fahmi malah Mohamad Muslim yang cuba mengeluarkan bola di garisan gol, masih gagal menyekatnya.

MALAYSIA: Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, Mohamad Muslim Ahmad, Mohd. Affize Faisal Mamat (Wan Zaharulnizam Zakaria), Mohamad Fadhli Mohd. Shas, Mohd. Irfan Fazail (Izzaq Faris Ramlan), Syahrul Azwari Ibrahim (Abdul Shukur Jusoh), Gurusamy Govandar Kandasamy, Gary Steven Robbat, Muhammad Zubir Mohd. Azmi, Wan Zack Haikal Wan Nor, Mohamad Fandi Othman.

LEBANON: Mohamad Dakramanji, Jad Noureddine, Mohamad Haidar, Omar Ouaida, Nour Mansour, Haytham Faour, Ali Bazzi, Chadi Atie (Mustapha Chahine), Kassem Leila, Mahmoud Kojok, Abdallah Taleb

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Malaysia Super League, Premier League, FAM Cup League and National Cup League 2011 Released


I’m quite relief as I’m now able to release to public my MALAYSIA LEAGUE SEASON 2011 GAMEPATCH. However, I do consider it as a beta release, dubbed Malaysia League 2011 for FIFA 11 PC beta 3. Overall it has 4 tiers of league and 5 cups tournaments. I took the liberty to add fantasy tournament to spice up the patch. Even the underdog team can now play in Cup tournament.




Malaysia Lift AFF Suzuki Cup title for the first time

(News Source : the Star Online)

MALAYSIA dished out yet another strong performance and were crowned champions of the Asean Football Federation (AFF) championship at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta last night.

They were beaten 1-2 by Indonesia in the second-leg final match but a 3-0 victory in the first-leg encounter at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on Wednesday proved to be enough for them, claiming the Suzuki Cup 4-2 on aggregate.

It was the first time Malaysia won the AFF championship title since the biennial tournament was introduced in 1996.

Malaysia played against a desperate Indonesia last night in front of 95,000 spectators.

Cream of the crop: Malaysian striker Mohd Safee Sali poses with the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 top scorer’s trophy. – AFP

And they made it more difficult for Indonesia to save the tie with a specatacular goal by Mohd Safee Sali in the 53rd minute. Safee, who scored a brace in the first leg, took his tally five goals and won the Golden Boot.

Muhammad Nasuha equalised in the 71st minute and Malaysian centreback Mohd Muslim Ahmad nodded in an own goal to give Indonesia victory on the night.

The young Malaysian side kept their composure and showed great determination to emerge as the champions.

Indonesia were without their inspirational flanker Okto Maniani, who was out on suspension, while striker Yongky Ari Bowo was not in the starting list due to injury.

Their replacements were Arif Suyono and Irfan Bachdim.

As expected, Indonesia, who had beaten Malaysia 5-1 in the opening Group A match at the same venue, came charging from the first whistle. But the Malaysian defence, marshalled by Mohd Muslim Ahmad and Mohd Fadhli Shas, did well to keep a tight leash on the two Indonesian dangermen Christian Gonzales and Irfan Bachdim.

Indonesia won a penalty when Mohd Sabree Abu handled the ball in the 15th minute. But much to their disappointment, skipper Firman Utina’s tame shot was easily saved goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat.

The Indonesians, desperate for an early goal, kept on pressing but Khairul stood out, warding off at least five attempts from them before the teams went for the break.

Malaysia looked dangerous on the counter attack. Against the run of play Mohd Ashaari Shamsuddin sent a long through ball for Safee to chase and the Selangor hitman finished off clinically put Malaysia in front in the 54th minute.

Indonesia now needed five goals to beat Malaysia and they had to take desperate measures and introduced their aging star, Bambang Pamungkas, for Irfan Bachdim at the hour mark.

Despite a goal down, Indonesia never gave up and their persistence paid off when defender Mohd Nasuha hit home the rebound off a save by goalkeeper Khairul in the 72nd minute.

Then with the clock ticking away, Mohd Muslim handed them a goal off a goalmouth melee in the 87th minute.

We are the champions: The Malaysian team celebrating with their trophy after winning the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 final at the Gelora Bung Karno stadium in Jakarta last night. – GLENN GUAN/The Star


I pick this two videos from

AFF Suzuki Cup tournament Official youtube channel video

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Final 2nd Leg Indonesia vs Malaysia

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Final 1st Leg Malaysia vs Indonesia


My Notes:

Congratulation Malaysia players and staff, having only average of 22 years old players (the youngest team so far), all of you able to show to the nation, against all odds, that you really our team that deserve our respect. Hopefully, the newly found love for Malaysia football (for some fans out there) will continue to grow and will be shown in our own Malaysia League. Support your local team and attend the stadium for every match.

Having said that, we know ASEAN is still far behind. AFF Suzuki Cup is south-east asia’s  main events so far but Asian Cup is still beyond reach for all ten ASEAN team.

Our newly crown champions, Malaysia  and of course the rest of ASEAN countries will still need to improve a lot and continue to further develop their own football national team to qualified for Asian Cup final round, which for 2011 calendar will be held in Qatar. Can we do it for Asian Cup 2015? Sure we will, and I’m talking about all ASEAN national team.

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Malaysia League for FIFA 11 PC and AFF Suzuki Cup patch are available for download here

Welcome to the official release of MSLPL4FIFA11, the latest series of Malaysia League by MSLPatcher.

Download Malaysia Super League and Premier League for FIFA 11 PC

The forth series of MSLPL4FIFA mod patch by mslpatcher. Click Pix to download


LOOKING FOR AFF SUZUKI CUP 2010 patch? It’s included with the patch.


AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 patch progress Report

It’s actually almost finish. Just waiting for other teams’ kits. So far I’ve Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand kits for this patch.

I’m Malaysian, and I enjoy football/soccer with natural mindset. Patriotism can be shown in a lot of ways.

I’m just a bit disappointed with the nature or habit of Indonesian fans last night (I watch Live in Starsports). I don’t think it is an appropriate manner in international or ASEAN football scene. However, the naturalised players like Gonzalez and Irfan, do help Indonesia NT, which is a good move. I read somewhere that Vietnam are doing the same.

If only can FAM take similar step to test our natural players like Brendan Gan (Australia’s Sydney FC), and Tadashi Takeda (Fagiano Okayama FC) who was born in Pulau Pinang. But then, the strict rules of FIFA may hampered it. Not to mention the willingness of the players to join which I frankly doubt in their still young age.

Well just a thought. Enjoy the real tournament. I love to see Vietnam to go to final again. Malaysia? I still have a big hope for the team, but our youngsters still need a lot to learn. Our new Malaysia football NT is really still in the making, like Rajagobal said.